Who is prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms in California?

Anyone under indictment for a felony, convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors.

Anyone deemed a fugitive from justice.

Anyone adjudicated to be mentally defective or committed to a mental institution.

Anyone who is subject to a restraining order.

Anyone dishonorably discharged from the US Armed Forces.

Anyone who has renounced their US citizenship.

Anyone who has illegally entered the US and/or is an illegal resident.

Anyone who is addicted to, or an unlawful user of controlled substances.

What are the age requirements to legally purchase a firearm in California?

21 years of age for rifles or shotguns.

21 years of age for handguns, rifle receivers, and pistol gripped shotguns.

What is the waiting period for firearm purchases in California?

10 days, calculated as ten, consecutive, 24-hour periods commencing at the initiation of the DROS process. Certain qualified persons such as law enforcement officers may be exempt from the 10 days waiting period.

What is DROS, and what is the DROS process?

DROS stands for Dealer Record of Sale. It is the system used by the California Dept. of Justice wherein background checks are conducted for purchasers of firearms. It is also the method by which firearm sales registration information is obtained.

Is there a background check?

DROS paperwork submitted to the California DOJ is used to perform a criminal background check during the mandatory 10 day waiting period.

What are the additional requirements, which must be met before purchasing a firearm?

Valid current proof of Residency (Handguns only).

Valid current California Drivers License or California state-issued ID. If your Drivers License or ID is not a California RealID, you must also present a Secondary Proof of Identification such as a Birth Certificate or Valid US Passport.

If you are not a US Citizen, valid current government-issued proof of legal residency will be required.

Possession of a valid current Firearm Safety Certificate or Handgun Safety Certificate, or documentation proving exemption from the Firearms Safety Certificate requirement.

Safe Handling Skills demonstration (see blow)

What is a Safe Handling Skills Demonstration?

This demonstration includes the proven ability to perform a set of skills, that must be performed by the purchaser, with the gun they are purchasing or with a gun of the same model as the one that is being purchased. These skills include checking that the handgun is empty, unlocking it, loading it with a dummy round, unloading it and relocking it. This demonstration is performed at the time of DROS. Prospective purchasers will be required to sign an Affidavit, swearing that they have the necessary knowledge of safe handling of the firearm being purchased.

Are there any restrictions as to firearms which can be legally purchased in California?

California has strict firearm laws that limit what can be purchased legally. Visit the links below to determine if a specific firearm is legally allowed for purchase in California.





Does California limit the number of firearms that an individual can purchase?

California law limits the purchase of firearms to no more than one purchased or transferred from a dealer to an individual within any 30 day period. Private Party Transfers are exempt from this restriction. This change in policy began January 1, 2024.

What is a Private Party Transfer?

A Private Party Transfer (PPT) occurs when a California resident sells his privately owned firearm to another California resident. Both parties are required to go to a firearms dealer, present the required documentation, and fill out paperwork. The dealer will then take custody of the firearm for the mandatory waiting period. The buyer will then return to the dealer after the mandatory waiting period is over and takes possession of the. Buying a firearm from a private individual outside of California does not qualify as a Private Party Transfer. Private Party Transfers are not bound by the State of California Approved Handgun Roster.

Do I have to buy a gunlock or trigger lock with the purchase of my gun?

State law requires the purchase of a gun or trigger lock, unless the buyer shows proof of ownership of a DOJ approved safe or lockbox, or if the gun you are purchasing already comes with a gun or trigger lock, which appears on the DOJ approved list. If the firearm recipient claims an exception to the FSD (Firearms Safety Device) requirement due to ownership of a DOJ-approved lock box, a receipt for the DOJ-approved lock box will be required in all circumstances.

How does the expiration of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban affect California Gun Owners?

California law, supersedes Federal law, and as such, the expiration of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban does not affect the restrictions on the sale or possession of designated “assault weapons” in the state of California.

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